Recommended i-Pad apps

At the recent i-Pad day at the Finstall Centre it was suggested that we tried to bring together a list of apps that people were finding really useful, either as teacher productivity tools or to support learners.

Use the comment facility to add any that you have found interesting.  It would be really helpful if you could indicate:

  • cost, (if any)
  • what area of the curriculum you felt the app supported,
  • what age range you were working with.

This of course will not be definitive as it is how you use a resource rather than the resource itself which makes it age appropriate, but it might help to give an indication of where people might start to look.

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6 Responses to Recommended i-Pad apps

  1. Jane Finch says:

    As we are using J2Webby for this blog and occasionally posting direct from J2E it seems appropriate to promote the fact that J2E now has an i-Pad app.

  2. Jane Finch says:

    Sums Online has a growing range of apps to support various mathematical concepts in the primary phase (or KS3 students in need of support and encouragement), each priced at £0.69. The whole ramge can be seen here…

    Each app also has a free flash mirror site e.g. which can be linked into your school website or learning platform.

  3. David from Sumsonline says:

    “David of SUMS has agreed to gift any Worcestershire school with an iPad project a copy of up to 8 iPad Apps from They should just email David on with the school and
    selected App details.”

  4. Pam Yates says:

    Free dictionary and Thesaurus App from Can be used off-line.

    Tap any word and see its definition, listen to the pronunciation, save favourite words, search for words by speaking into the iPad – Voice activated search – Word of the Day, thesaurus with synonyms, antonyms and more.
    Suitable for KS2 upwards. Great for word play and extending vocabulary.
    Note: It recognises British spelling and gives the correct spoken pronunciation but gives definitions using American spelling.
    It will give you only 5 free voice activated searches and then charge you $0.99 for an additional 100. Despite these short-comings I will keep the App as a useful free dictionary and thesaurus.

  5. Jane Finch says:

    Inclusive Technology are developing a range of Motivational Apps specifically for children. Carefully designed to meet a range of special educational needs including switch access for those with physical disabilities they can be accessed here…

  6. Jennifer Oakley says:

    Morfo is a really great app with loads of possibilites; there is now an Oxford Reading Tree App too.

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